Enterprise Agile Training

Enablement is at the heart of our transformation approach.  Cultural change happens when the organization adopts a mindset that promotes continuous learning, experimentation and places an emphasis on collaboration, planning, and delivery. Our transformation service offering combines coaching, consulting, and training as a holistic approach to organization change management.  Our consultants and coaches partner with you to understand your organization and the skillsets of your employees. We use this information to craft a training plan that will help you reach your transformation milestones.

We offer courses which address the needs of a variety of roles within your organization. 

We've helped organizations stand up Portfolio Management teams, Agile centers of excellence. We've introduced new Agilists to the fundamentals of Scrum and Kanban. Helped Product Owners and Product Managers establish a product management organizations and best practices.

From Concept to Delivery, if your organization is struggling we probably have a course that can help.

  • Agile Foundations
  • Agile Team Jumpstart
  • Kanban Essentials
  • Product Owner Essentials
  • Scrum Master Essentials
  • Lean Startup workshop
  • Design Thinking Workshop
  • Human-Centric design Workshop
  • SAFe® for Teams
  • SAFe® ScrumMaster
  • SAFe® Advanced ScrumMaster
  • SAFe® Product Manager Product Owner
  • Leading SAFe®

Onsite Corporate Training

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