Transformation Approach


Establish a Baseline 

"Where are we?

"Are we getting value from this Agile thing?"

"Are we ready to go Agile?"

To help us answer those questions, we like to start every engagement with an assessment.  This may be a multi-day deep dive assessment or high level assessment of practices.  Our findings and recommendations will be made available to everyone who is a part of the transformation.  Our goal is to uncover patterns which may be holding you back along with patterns which will help you during your transformation.

Facilitate Enablement

"Where can I go for help?"

"How do I tackle this from an agile perspective?"

Ensuring that your staff has the tools and knowledge to perform is critical to success of your transformation.  While much of the work in this phase is training, we will establish measures for the organization to evaluate the adoption of new practices.  Coaches will work one on one or at the teams level to promote culture change and the adoption of agile practices or tools.

Measure & Adjust

"Did we achieve what we said we were going to achieve? "

"Are things better than before we started?"

"Did we get any value out of this?"

While this looks like it's the last step in the process, it's really the beginning. We will work with you to establish a regular schedule for assessment.  During this phase we evaluate the large change initiatives identified during the initial assessment and determine if the organization has made progress towards the target state, did we pivot to something more valuable.